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..looking at other ppls blogs recently............im going to start a real one at that link...oh dont expect anything fancy since i am fail at html ill probably start posting after the EOYs..if anyone wants to help with the template etc u can contact me either by email sms msn etc etc no i do not have facebook I HATE FACEBOOK....haha seriously its a serious waste of time....
link not working....
so here it is :http://thedoublesidedcoin.blogspot.com

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


ok this blog is officially dead since the other two authors dont really bother to write having both posted once and i find this too hectic....ill be starting another blog...a proper one lol

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The all terrain experimental transport...also known as the AT-XT it looks like a cross between an AT-ST and an AT-AT. It was an experimental walker, hence the name, designed during the clone wars. It was the forerunner to the AT-RT. It looks like an At-st with an AT-AT head mounted on it.. it was not a pretty sight. It was not mass produced but was used widely throughout the war. It had two laser cannons on the head as well as proton mortar launchers. Some AT-ETs were also equipped with a sheild. They were quite slow but could take out scores of droids.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This is the pioneer of all walkers, it was much heavier armoured than compared to the AT-RT and is much more effective, it was largely experimental and most of them were lost onboard the legendary republic katana fleet. they were anti infantry with medium blaster cannons, they also had a concussion grenade launcheer, they were used primarily by the new republic after the Katana fleet had been recaptured. The empire did not use these much but employed them as sentries. The original blueprints were lost thus stopping the production of these walkers, but other designers took up the challenge and built other walkers, the AT-ST and AT-RT are based on this walker

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//*Japor snippet*

The japor snippet. This was given to Amidala by her future husband, Anakin on the nabboo royal spaceship. It was a simple piece of japor ivory wood carved with a traditional Tatooine sand symbol. It was threaded with a string of jerba leather.She had it 13 years later and wore it in private.

When she was dying, she gave it to Obi Wan Kenobi , who gave it back to her as he did not understand its sentimental value. It was in her hands during her funeral.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008


The All Terrain Recon Transport, one of the first walkers of the republic. It was primarily used as a scout or in Civilian control , it was mainly anti-infantry and couldnt do much against other vehicles. It was used during the clone wars. The bad thing about this walker is that the rider was often left exposed to enemy fire and could be picked off by snipers

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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Walkers....the high tech soldiers of the Star wars galaxy, there are many of them but of course everyone only thinks about the AT-AT.....there were many types of walkers but most of them were created during the Galactic republic and used during the clone wars...contrary to popular belief that the empire created most of them...
walkers of the Republic:(from biggest to smallest)

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Sev delta 07..................Sev was the sniper, and was cold blooded and ruthlessly efficient, he is very silent and even his own delta squadmates have found him a little disturbing, he is sadistic and seems to be one of the only ones who really gets pleasure out of battle, his comrades have often wondered whether the blood red markings over his helmet are paint or blood, Sev went missing on the mission to Kashyyk and his comrades were forced to abandon him after a direct command from master yoda himself, Sev's fate is unknown.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Fixer. Delta 40
Fixer is the slicer of the commando squad. He is very serious and is often the butt of Scorch's jokes. He painted his armour with green paint . Fixer got his nickname as he could 'fix' any computer terminal.

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Scorch Delta 62
Scorch is the demolitions expert of the team
He is easily identified by his yellow markings and rocket launcher strapped to his back,
he is the wisecrack of the team and always has a quick line
He loves explosions and his favorite weapon is the anti-armour attatchment of the Dc-17
He earned his nickname from an explosive mishap that occured during a training session. It burned his and walon vau's eyebrows off
Scorch is described as the most 'Human' member of delta squad.......
quote:'hey! i didnt know trandoshans could fly!'

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

//*Delta squad-*

ive published on delta squad b4 but now i will focus more on the individual members...

Just in case you missed the previous post....

Delta squad....a higly trained squad of elite clone commandos...
they were the best of their brethren..and by far the most successful clone commando squad ever. Their most important exploit was their last one before the end of the clone wars...they paved the way for the clone landing on Kashyyk that liberated the wookies from the confedaracy's grasp...and in so doing...left behind their comrade...for the good of the planet.

Delta 38...Commonly known by the rest of his brethren as 'Boss'
Boss is the leader of Delta squad and takes all the tough desicions...he seldom speaks except to bark orders.He is trained in leadership and also is a master of almost all weapons.
quote:"heavy droid resistance,nothing we cant handle!"

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Sunday, May 11, 2008


todays subject TIES. Pause for a moment and think why i didnt put TIE fighters.Its because TIE fighters are not the only TIES in the world.....The standard TIE fighter has two solar panels. Highly manoevurable but no hyperdrive and only designed for space combat. This makes them sucky in the atmosphere. Their firepower does not have anything good to boast about. Nothing other than standard ship to ship laser cannons. You need to be highly skilled to pilot one of these....and survive that is. The solar panels make the TIE fighter an easy target.Its cockpit shape has given it the nickname of eyeball.The TIE interceptor, improved version of TIE fighter. Its solar panes are more sleek, and it's faster and even more manoevurable, fire power is still the same though.
TIE bomber. The pinnacle of easy to hit targets. This thing is slower than a fighter. even bigger solar panels. Seats two people and therefore has two cylinders instead of one.This one has more firepower but still has a lot to ask for in terms of anti fighter defenses.
The TIE defender. By far the most powerful TIE series ever produced. Like a TIE fighter, but three solar panels instead of one. Much faster than an interceptor though not as manoevurable. Did i also mention that is has massive firepower.
Note: All TIE series starfighters are designed for space combat, have no hyperdrive and no shields.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

//*Outbound flight, destruction*

The trade federation was at that time still scot free after the naboo invasion but they still werent happy with the republic intervention of the jedi. So they were out to sabotage the project. They had a core ship in that area, a ship that contained loads of droids and droid starfighters. The problem was, that outbound flight was 6 dreadnaughts and thats a lot of firepower.Plus they had jedi on board, jedi gunners are not very good things to be flying against. By chance they chanced upon the chiss ascendancy and enlisted the help of Th' raw niruuduo... Im not too sure if the spelling is correct but all you need to know is his core name.. .Thrawn. The alien mastermind accepted and attatched some of the starfighters together with a radiation bomb in between them. He actually wanted to examine outbound flight himself and requested a few droidekas and battle droids for his own purpose. An alien fleet showed up, thrawn put the droids on the flagship bridge and held them captive. He was forced to destroy outbound flight as the gunners on board were too much of a nuisance to him. Outbound flight never left the galaxy and crashed on an unknown planet

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//*Outbound flight*

Not all jedi were perfect and not everyone in the star wars galaxy was happy to stay within their own galaxy. Jorus c'baoth was a jedi during the old republic who started this project called outbound flight. Its purposee was to explore the world outside the star wars galaxy. Outbound flight was basically 6 old republic dreadnaughts arranged around a core with links to each dread naughts beside them and the core. The core was basically used as a storage centre and while in motion, the dreadnaughts would revolve around it to create artificial gravity. Outbound flight contained more than 600 refugees and a handful of Jedi. Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were on outbound flight briefly before they got off on the last stop because of a last minute intervention by the chancellor

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Monday, April 28, 2008

//*yuuzhan vong*

The yuuzhan vong hated machines and only used organic stuff. This led to crazy animals on the ground such as giant rumbling things the size of an AT-AT that could blast fire and was blaster resistant. The yuuzhan vong leveled all non-organic things on every planet they took over and introduced vong organisms and plant life which grew at an incredibly fast rate. They would try and 'convert' natives into their bloodthirsty religon which involved ritual sacrifice. If you didnt convert you would be killed

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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Y-wings are rebel bombers from around the same time as x-wings. These bombers were y shaped, giving them their name. They were slow but packed massive firepower. Their bombs were much stronger than proton torpedoes and pilots attacking them had to contend with a main gunner. The attacking fighter also had to watch out for the tail spray from the dual engines. The pilot also had a laser cannon which fires an unnaturally fat laser.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

//*yuuzhan vong*

The yuuzhan vong....an nearly indestructible force from outside the galaxy that threatened to crush the new republic, took coruscant but were eventually defeated. They killed thousands, and were a bit like crusaders, trying to convert people into their religon, but the religon was similiar to the aztecs. Their priests and priestesses had amazing healing and other powers, they were devoid and skeptical of and to the force. Jedi sensed them as a void. Their technology almost totally consisted of genetic engineering. Using genetically engineered animals as substitue for machines. What made them almost completely indestructible was their Dovin Basals. These were like sheild generators, but they generated gravity wells to absorb the lasers. The only way to damage a ship was to send a flurry of varied intensity bolts and hope the letal ones were not absorbed. The at the time outdated x-wings used their quad lasers to great effect.

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//*x-wing rogue squadron*

Now we all know x-wings...named for their shape...we also know that luke skywalker piloted one...and was part of a squadron that did a bomb run on the death star. Not what everyone knows is that luke skywalker founded a squad that was based on the remnants of the squadron and named them rogue squadron. Rogue squadron became legendary and was also assigned to missions such as the stalling of time for hoth and the run on the second death star. Rogue squadron took the best missions and had the highest death rate. Of course it also naturally had the best pilots. It was led by Wedge antilles approximately a year after episode 6. It's members at the time consisted of Corran Horn, Gavin Darklighter and the likes of such, the squadron leader was Captain Tycho Celchu. Rogue squadron was feared by the imperials and could wipe out squadrons of TIES. Many of the pilots became legends and prominent figures in the new republic.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

//*Droideka....the destroyer droid*

Haha the destroyer droid otherwise known as the droideka is one of the most feared machines in the clone wars. Even jedi feared it... It was dangerous fast and deadly. Coming into battle in a wheel and transforming into its feared shape with its twin rapid firing blasters shooting with uncanny accuracy...they were even more feared than the super battle droid for some reason...probably because of their speed....of course who can forget...the powerful sheild that surrounded the droid that could withstand many hids from a standard issue DC-15 blaster rifle.
Some models took the droideka to a new level, being able to fire while rolling.
Even the legendary Luke Skywalker was faced with a problem as he tried to take on a droideka on the wreck of Outbound flight together with Mara Jade Skywalker. These droids could fire so fast and accurately that many a Jedi fell to them. Manufactured by the trade federation long before the clone wars, but the droids were still good enough to fight in them. They were featured in episodes one two and three chasing obi wan and qui gon in 1 and slaughtering jedi on geonosis in two....of course they were featured in three...remember utapau?
The destroyer droid is legend and is definitely a force to be reckoned with... that is unless you are sitting in the command cab of an AT-TE

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Standard clone trooper armour was actually quite useless at close range
it was called the body bucket by non clone troops
It was brittle and easy to punch through
The only clone armour that was truly effective were given to Advanced recon commandos or republic commandos
The armour of the stormtroopers was much higher tech,
harder to blast through and protected the user well
Ever watched episode 4 and seen han solo and luke blast down at least a dozen stormtroopers? each with a single shot?
In case u are wondering, han solo's blaster is a highly upgraded one and can punch through most stuff
stormtrooper armour included

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The new stormtrooper clone was not the forerunner of post-jango clones used by the empire...The emporer had attempts to train dark jedi clones but to no avail
it is noted that the dark jedi clones had banded together in an attempt for rebellion and had to be routed by lord vader himself..
It was after then that the empire started to use the Lekauf clone in earnest.
the stormtroopers were used brutally and feared by civillians. Vader personally hated non humans and millions of them were killed for no reason at all. Lord vader's personal division has gone down in history and feared by all... The Fighting 501st. It is noted that Anakin personally led them into the jedi temple to slaughter the jedi.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

//*Clones.....republic to empire*

The rebellion started almost immediately after the end of episode 3
many systems against it but most did not dare to defy palpatine directly, thats how the rebellion was started......
the republic underwent major military changes....
There are little books written about the era in between episode 3 and 4
But i know enough to know that the clones of the republic and the clones of the empire were of different ppl
the clones were of an imperial officer that vader quite liked
The original clones declared open rebellion and holed themselves up on kamino where they held up against imperials for quite sometime.

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//*A new hope*

hello all
long time since i last posted
been really busy
so about A new hope episode 4
The rebellion started almost since the empire took over
The x-wing was developed by the rebels
The rebels fought the empire over the planet of Yavin 4
in case u forgot episode 3 c-3pos memory was scrapped and r2-d2s was not
han solos blaster pistol was highly powered
thats how he killed the stormtroopers like that

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Friday, June 8, 2007


Note: The Empire did not scrap the Juggernaut. It was turned into a transport but with only one anti-infantry turret. However, it retained the ablility to squash ranks of infantry at will.

Obi-Wan's a hypocrite. He disapproves of Anakin's relationship with padme, but it might stem from a hatred of Padme herself! He had a secret relationship with Jedi Siri Tachi, who died defending Padme.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

//*Katarn Class armour*

The clone commandos ruthless strong deadly stealthy and accurate. But they owed their success mainly to their armour. Katarn Class armour actually. This type of armour was much stronger than the standard drone armour. Made them more resistant to droid attacks. Later on in the wars, a new version of that armour was created. It was black but could withstand anything short of a direct hit from a laser cannon

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

//*The juggernaut*

The strongest weapon to be used on land in the clone wars. Known simply as the juggernaut
8 giant wheels. Massive body. transportation capacity of 300 troopers. So many guns. A lot of firepower. This juggernaut is so strong that it even has a weak turbolaser in front. It can outmanuever an at-at and can destroy one easily. Its a mystery to me why the empire scrapped these vehicles.

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Monday, April 9, 2007


The rancors are found on desert planets like Tatooine and Ryloth, but their home planet was a swampy place!!! Dathomir! The inhabitants include the Dathomiri Nightsister Force-witches. Dathomir was once an Old Republic prison. A Dark Jedi was sent there, but using her Force-powers, she led a sucessful rebellion and took over the planet. She taught her daughters how to use the Force by chanting. A Book of Laws was created as she repented, but ironically, many of her descendents used the Dark Side. The rancors were much bigger than on other planets, and smarter. Using the force, many Dark-side witches controlled them and used them as mounts. As a result, the planet split into rival villages, some good, others evil, and war was strife. It is unknown how the rancors colonised other planets.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

//*Dark Reaper*

The Dark Reaper worked by harvesting the force using the Force Harvester, a device that killed anything within range by draining its Force energy and focusing it into beams that dealt massive damage to any object.
The Reaper was also equipped with dark side-powered turbolasers. In order to defeat the Dark Reaper, an ancient Jedi Knight named Ulic qel Droma taught the Jedi Knights how to withstand the Dark Reaper's effects. It was dismemtaled and its pieces spread into space.
Dooku eventually found it.After it was activated, Ankin attacked, disobeying Obi-Wan. Although Anakin did manage to destroy the Reaper, the knowledge he gained from Qel-Droma caused him to act more arrogantly towards Obi-Wan, and indirectly led him to take a step towards the path to the dark side of the Force.

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//*Dark Reaper*

The Dark Reaper worked by harvesting the force using the Force Harvester, a device that killed anything within range by draining its Force energy and focusing it into beams that dealt massive damage to any object.
The Reaper was also equipped with dark side-powered turbolasers. In order to defeat the Dark Reaper, an ancient Jedi Knight named Ulic qel Droma taught the Jedi Knights how to withstand the Dark Reaper's effects. It was dismemtaled and its pieces spread into space.
Dooku eventually found it.After it was activated, Ankin attacked, disobeying Obi-Wan. Although Anakin did manage to destroy the Reaper, the knowledge he gained from Qel-Droma caused him to act more arrogantly towards Obi-Wan, and indirectly led him to take a step towards the path to the dark side of the Force.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

//*Sep droid dispensers*

The seperatists had certain machines that dispense droids. These machines were placed on coreships or on an enemy capital ship that they were invading. The basic one is the battle droid dispenser. It dispenses two battle droids at an interval of around two seconds. The stronger version is a super battle droid dispenser. This is a nightmare for most republican infantry, it dispenses one super battle droid every two minutes.Even if you have a rocket launcher, you will have to blast the machine a few times. By then, the machine would have at least manufactured one super battle droid.Destroying such a machine is a great feat even for republic commandos.Delta squad encountered one such machine while they were investigating what happened to a captial ship.(they found little clones alive there as well as loads of transdoshans and scavenger droids).

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

//*IFT-Xs Medium tank of the republic*

The IFT-X is the medium class tank of the republic. It is quite fast and can defeat staps and lower class vehicles with ease. It constantly goes into combat with AATs and usually comes on top. It's laser blasts are strong enough to kill a person in one shot but are slightly weaker than the shot of an AAT. Its pilot can also fire missiles alternating from either side of the vehicle. The gunner is also superior to the AAts gunner as it fires a continous instant hitting beam. Pretty much like those fired from the spider walker and LAAT/i/h gunship. A long beam that lasts for a few seconds, hit is almost instant. It moves by speeder repulsor lifts. Once they were used alongside an AT-TE at the siege of Rhen Var. They had to lay siege to a droid stronghold full of medium turrets and AATs.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

//*Anti-infantry war vehicles*

The republic has been working on many different designs of war vehicles. Of course there are those right at the top etc. the juggernaut. but we are going into the second lowest type. Infantry buster. these vehicles are so llusy that they are practically clones with super armour.
for teh republican side, there is the AT-RT. you cant really blame the reoublicans for creating these.They were originally used for civilian control. basically a smaller, single seater version of the AT-ST. equaipped with guns that fire blaster bolts hardly stronger than a DC-10. (DC-10 takes 3-4 shots to kill a battle droid-this one takes two) and the rider is horribly exposed to gunfire. the seperatists have an infantry-buster as well. The STAP isl faster and has around the same firepower as the AT-RT but unfortunately has much lesser armour and the rider is still exposed...... personally, i'd feel safer on a speeder bike with really lousy blasters. people on speeder blikes merely tried jinked ahead of them, shot ahead faster than the blaster bolts and turned around and shoot him in the back when the STAP rider was still trying to figure out where he went.
Basically infantry buster are stupid on both sides and were a complete waste of time and resources

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Monday, February 5, 2007

//*other infantry of the Seperatists*

other than droids, the seperatist hired a lot of bounty hunters to go after jedi and perform other tasks
the problem about bounty hunters is that they can be easily bribed
but they do have imagination and a versatile array of weapons
Another disadvantage of bounty hunters is that many of them have jet packs (very stupid of them) doing such allows clones to blow them up with a single shot to the pack(jet fuel makes a colourful demise to your enemy) They usually went up in smoke. the hunters were not really used that effectively other than the transdoshans
these bounty hunters worked in groups with droids as well
They even hijacked a capital ship and took it with the help of scavenger droids but they were unfortunately eliminated by delta squad.
those bounty hunters wielded swords or asp array gun
quite like a short range modern day shotguns
There were other transdoshans that took the ship as well. The seps had armed some transdoshans to the sep equalivent of commandos, but there was one problem, these trandoshans only wielded asp repeaters,(an inferior weapon to the dc-17) which had much less ammo than the dc-17. The transdoshans also recieved little or no training. they had very low intellect and were easily defeated by smarter republic commandos. Another type of transdoshan is the heavy armoured transdoshan. wielding a heavy ASP repeater.The transdoshans that took over the captial ship brought some droid manufaturing machines with them. Including super battle droid dispensers. They also brought some scavenger droids along.

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Sunday, February 4, 2007

//*Super battle droids*

these are a nightmare for all clone infantry armed with blasters , including republic commando with dc-17s.It takes an entire squad at least a minute to destroy a super battle droid with dc-17s. Plus do not forget the fact that the SBDs also come with battle droids
They have a powerful wrist mounted blaster cannon that can drain all nearly half of a republic commnado's armour-two blasts and you're dead- and they come with a rocket launcher on the other wrist.
Now the only star wars films they were featured in were epsisode 2 and 3. Episode two did not show any power of the SBD's as they were used exclusively with loads of other infantry including destroyer droids. any people get the misconception that destroyers are stronger than SBDs. This is not true. Destroyers sheilds can be easily destroyed with a well placed thermal or ecd detonator.
In episode 3 two SBDs were flamed and humiliated by R2-d2. The reason why those SBDs were defeated because they were not on attack mode.
So this post basically is to remove any misconceptions about the super battle droids and their battle field uses

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Saturday, February 3, 2007


The planet Myrkr was restricted by both the Jedi AND the Sith. The planet contained wildlife potentially dangerous to Force-users. The Vonskr was a large wolf like creature, but larger. It was probably 1.8m at the shoulder. It hunted using the Force and so the Jedi and Sith would probably be vulnerable targets. Then there was the Ysalmiri. Because of the threat of the Vonskrs, Ysalmiris evolved the ability to push the Force away, creating a Force-void bubble. Often hundreds or even thousands of them would gather to create a bubble that streched many kilometres. They became totally stuck to the tree branch they were on and were inseperable. They were around the size of a large salamender and looked like them too. They may have been used by some warlords to defeat the Jedi by rendering their Force powers (including their skills with a lightsaber) useless, and so they could be effectively slaughtered.

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//*the seperatists*

The CIS are led by count dooku a jedi who resigned from the order but became a sith there are other leaders as well
the basic infantry is the battle droid it wields a rapid firing blaster that shoots red blaster bullets they can be easily destroyed even using a dc-10 the trade federation used them in the battle of naboo. AAts were also used. AAts are the tank of the cis. read up more on aats later

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